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Broadwell CPUs are ~15% faster than Haswell, like for like, but GPU performance is nearly identical, and for Kodi use they are likely indistinguishable.

Capability wise, the Broadwell Chrome Boxes are essentially identical to the Haswell Chromeboxes, with the addition of supporting 4K (2160p) at 60Hz via Display Port.

* The Chromebox is an inexpensive small form-factor PC which runs Google's Chrome OS; it is the desktop variant of a Chromebook laptop.

Although Kodi does not run natively under Chrome OS, the Chromebox can easily be made to run Linux (or Windows) and Kodi.

By putting it in Developer Mode, we disable the verified boot restriction, and allow the Chrome Box to boot in "legacy mode" (via a Legacy Boot payload, Sea BIOS), which enables other operating systems (eg: Libre ELEC, Gallium OS) to be installed / dual booted.The majority of the process has been automated via the Chrome Box Kodi E-Z Setup Script, making it safe and (relatively) easy to run Linux/Kodi on your Chrome Box.There is only one Sandy Bridge based Chromebox -- the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox -- though it was available with Celeron and Core-i5 mobile CPUs.Broadwell Chromeboxes were announced in the Spring of 2015, but not available to purchase until the Fall.Even now, their availability is still limited to the Haswell boxes, which have displayed remarkable staying power given the release of replacement models.

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WARNING: This will erase all user data on the device.

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